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We offer excellent ‘hands on’ ENT courses including FESS, Rhinoplasty, Temporal Bone Dissection and Maxillofacial Cadaver Courses, at our state of the art facility, the world class West Midlands Surgical Training Centre.

Offering hands-on training in the heart of the UK is key to our success.

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre

Course Introduction

We are based at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, Coventry, UK one of the largest teaching Hospital in the West Midlands, affiliated to The University of Warwick, one of the top Universities in the UK.

Coventry has easy access by train and road from any part of the UK. It is less than 30 minutes by road from Birmingham International Airport.

The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre holds hundreds of cadaveric courses per annum. We have refined our training programme to offer delegates one of the leading hands on cardiac courses available in the UK and one of the first to be recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre is situated on
the ground floor of the main Hospital.

The Centre offers state of the art facilities including;

  • Dedicated surgical lighting for each delegate
  • Overhead cameras and monitors on each station
  • Fully equipped with 3D HD screens
  • Houses some of the worlds finest plastinated prosections for anatomical reference during the course
  • Dedicated faculty with an excellent trainee to tutor ratio.

Help and Guidance

Most courses are designed for surgeons, students or allied health professionals working in a particular specialty and/or at a particular stage in their careers. All course web pages include details of the appropriate specialties and training levels.

If you’re outside of these criteria or if in doubt, you should discuss the course with your assigned educational supervisor and if they think that it’s appropriate for you to attend please enquire via our contact us page.

What is my eligibility as an overseas candidate?

If you are not in a UK training post and are unsure of the level to which your knowledge and experience would correspond, please contact us.

What happens if book onto course and I am told that I am unsuitable?

It is your responsibility to ensure you fall within the relevant course. If your experience is below the required level we reserve the right to withdraw you from the course without compensation.

Certificates are issued approximately 2 weeks (often sooner) after your course via PDF.

This allows you time to complete the online evaluation; which closes after 1 week of your course.

Certificates of attendance will not be issued after this time.

Certificates are not provided to course observers or to delegates who have not completed the course.

Have you changed email? Has the centre got your correct contact details?

If you did not complete online feedback within 1 week of the course (and thus did not trigger the certificate process) you will not receive a certificate.

Unfortunately if more than 1 week has elapsed and you have not submitted feedback, duplicates will not be available.

If within this time frame please request a duplicate via our contact us page.

After any course you should complete feedback, your evaluation as a participant is an essential course requirement, enabling us to maintain the quality of courses we offer and help to improve future sessions

All feedback is conducted anonymously; names are only used to validate the responses
Completing online feedback links to our database and is a key trigger for the issue of certificates, if applicable for your course.

You should complete online feedback as soon as possible after your course and within 1 week of the end of the course when the online feedback will close.

Complete the online feedback even if you failed part of your course.

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Details of Sponsors roles and what they do to enable courses to be provided.

Our sponsors provide WMSTC with the necessary support and resources.

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre
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Meet The Faculty

FESS and Rhinoplasty Course Director
Consultant ENT Surgeon at University Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Rhinoplasty Education Lead
Consultant ENT Surgeon at University Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Temporal Bone Course Director
Consultant ENT Surgeon, UHCW, Coventry

Rhinoplasty Faculty
Consultant ENT Surgeon at UHCW, Coventry

Temporal Bone Course Director
Consultant ENT Surgeon, University Hospital Southampton